Inter-State Transfer


Aloha! My name is SFC Earl J. Ventura and I am the State of Hawaii Enlisted IST Coordinator for the Hawaii Army National Guard. If you have any questions or concerns about coming to, or leaving Hawaii please read below. Before you decide to transfer to, or from Hawaii here are some things you need to complete:

1. YOU MUST NOTIFY YOUR UNIT OF YOUR INTENTIONS!!!! 2. No unit or split training information will be given without IST paperwork. 3. Have you been counseled by your unit or state IST manager? 4. Did your unit complete and sent your IST worksheet to your state IST manager? 5. You need to have a current Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) within one year. 6. Meet Height and Weight Standards of AR 600-9 within 1 year of IST. 7. Have at least four months left in your current ETS date. 8. You do not have nine or more unexcused absences within the preceding 12 months. 9. A current APFT with PASSING SCORE of GO within one year 10. Cannot be enrolled or pending enrollment in the Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) 11. Cleared your unit supply of all equipment issued to you with receipt (NO EXCEPTIONS) 12. Cannot be on any type of military orders at time and must exhaust all leave prior to IST


There will be NO IST actions to Hawaii without an completed IST worksheet received from your State IST Coordinator. I cannot accept any type documents or information from a Soldier without an IST worksheet from their state IST manager. Any uncoordinated IST to and from Hawaii will processed in the order it which it was received.


An Interstate Transfer (IST) is a VOLUNTARY ACT of the Soldier and in no way will the Hawaii Army National Guard will be held liable for YOUR DECISION to transfer to and from Hawaii. Please do not expect to be placed on any type of Active Duty military orders upon contracting or arrival to Hawaii. As like other Soldiers, you must apply for any fulltime resources we may have or have already coordinated employment prior to IST completion.

Any incentive issues must be clarified or completed prior to IST actions are completed. All questions regarding your incentives should be taken up with your unit and your State Education/Incentive Office, NOT HAWAII!!! Please read your ENLISTMENT/REENLISTMENT CONTRACT for important information regarding your incentives prior to departure of your state.

The Hawaii Army National Guard welcomes you as a Guard Soldier to our organization. Your transfer will be a great asset to the Hawaii Army National Guard. Your experience and commitment will benefit not only your unit but the entire HIARNG, and in doing so you will also leave a legacy for all to follow. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me to discuss your possible transfer to Hawaii.

Hawaii Army National Guard SFC Earl J. Ventura State of Hawaii ARNG IST Coordinator 3949 Diamond Head Road Honolulu, HI 96816-4495 Email: (check me out on Facebook/sfc earl ventura)